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Adventures in living with Stage IV Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer & Four Cats.

Hi, I'm Violet. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer in November 2016, at the age of 31. Follow along to learn from my experiences in living with a terminal cancer as a single millennial, living in Washington, DC, with four adorable Chemotherapy Catpanions & Colorectal Cancer Catvocates.

I am passionate about reducing the stigmas associated with terminal and chronic illnesses, death and dying, and specifically, metastatic cancer.  Here I share my ever-changing feelings, opinions, and experiences in living with a terminal cancer for many years. I hope to raise awareness for a growing segment of our population: those living with, and enduring treatment for cancer indefinitely.  I'm here for those of you who will never face the challenge of adjusting to life after cancer, but instead constantly juggle the demands of living with it. I strive to both live and die with grace, elegance, & most importantly, humor.

I also share cancer related events and programming that I find cool, both in the Washington, DC area and online.  Check those out below.